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Caradoc Buying Consortium

Membership is completely free – there is no cost to your surgery/business to join our buying group. Caradoc does not receive a penny from members, instead we get paid a small commission, typically just 1%, from our suppliers on members’ turnover.

All members stay firmly in control of their purchasing. Caradoc negotiates competitive terms with suppliers and then provides you with full contact details, any terms and conditions for each supplier and you do the rest. You continue to place your own orders and pay the suppliers for goods as normal. The only difference will be more competitive pricing you receive as a Caradoc member.

There is no obligation to buy from Caradoc Suppliers. However, Caradoc has worked hard with suppliers to get negotiated pricing and special offers. Our suppliers are committed to providing our members with the highest quality products and services at competitive prices. Strength in Numbers of the buying consortium means the more members take advantage of our exclusive terms the more negotiation power we have to save you even more money.

Caradoc even has a Staff Discounts section to provide a package of savings for your staff.

Any surplus made by Caradoc is re-invested in the health care economy to kick start projects, help GP federations and groups etc making Caradoc uniquely the biggest buying consortium of its type in the UK.

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As well as the buying consortium, Caradoc continues to diversify its business working on a number of innovative and cost efficient solutions for members:

IT and Telephony Projects

‘Caracalls’ Telephony Package:
Working with one of our approved telephony suppliers Fluid Network Solutions, Caradoc has developed its new ‘Caracalls’ telephony package. Not only does it network practices together free of cost, but it also helps practices meet CQC Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity planning very simply. Locally in Shropshire, we are using it for patient appointment calls to improve patient access to practices.

Joining the Caracalls network can give you:

  • Cheaper line rentals
  • Cheaper calls (including free calls to other network users)
  • Cheaper telephony system
  • Range of features including lost patient call information, voice recording and auto-attendant
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity option

You don’t need a new telephony system to join the network. SIP trunks can be installed to route calls over broadband rather than traditional ISDNs. If you need a new system the cloud based telephony solution gives better resilience and disaster recovery planning.

For more information on Caracalls, please email [email protected]

Job Vacancies

FREE  job advertising  for NHS Staff. With an increasing number of website hits per month our FREE job advertising section has helped many practices find GPs and other practice staff. Any vacancies should be sent to: [email protected]. Remember this service is completely FREE of charge to all our members.

Training and Development

For more information and to view our Calendar, please navigate to our Training and Development page