About Us

Caradoc Buying Consortium is all about strength in numbers.  By combining our member’s requirements for products and services, we can negotiate better prices than members could if they purchased goods and services individually. Each member drives up the power we have in the market.

Caradoc represents Urgent Health UK, a federation of Social Enterprise Unscheduled Primary Care Providers which, through its members, is the largest player in the medical out-of-hours services market.

Caradoc Buying Consortium – the benefits

With no membership or annual fees, Caradoc is proud to be led by and for our members.  We are able to negotiate better prices and terms for our members helping to generate savings and increase profitability.

We regularly check prices of our key suppliers against other suppliers to ensure that you as a member continue to get highly competitive pricing.  Caradoc can save you both time and money without compromising on quality.