Caradoc Medical Services

Caradoc Medical Services Buying Consortium has been set up to maximise the buying power of our members, maximising savings and increasing profitability through enhanced buying terms and money saving ideas.

Started in 2009 by Shropdoc, an Out of Hours GP Co-operative and a not-for-profit organisation, the buying group now represents over 2,000 GP practices with more joining every week.  Caradoc has also launched services to other organisations including, dentists, vets, care homes, schools, osteopaths and small businesses. Our total membership is now over 25,000 members.

Growing membership means that we are in a strong position to negotiate substantial discounts and special terms on many high quality goods and services for our members.  The more members we have, then the more purchasing power we have to help members save money.

There are NO MEMBERSHIP OR ANNUAL FEES. We are a not-for-profit organisation with the concept based on a true co-operative; benefits are passed back to members and surplus is reinvested back into the health economy.

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As well as the buying consortium, Caradoc continues to diversify its business working on a number of innovative and cost efficient solutions for members, find out more, visit…Our Services

For more information on becoming a member, or information on how you can become a supplier to the consortium, please complete our online contact form.

Please access our blog for some useful information: Caradoc on the up